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Breville Barista Express BES870 Review


The espresso machine was the source of the word “espresso.” The Breville Barista Express Machine has fanatic espresso lovers crazy. Its particular features, affordable prize over true of the Espresso maker.

Hence, you are right in our Breville Barista Express BES870 review. If you want to put money into Brevillo BES80XL, we will share all its features in detail. This efficient home espresso machine is the cream of the crop for people looking for a coffee maker.

breville barista express bes870 review
                                                                                  breville barista express bes870 review


An Espresso Machine with the best blending quality and features. To make the richest and smoothest espresso shot is now a piece of cake with Breville Barista. Its various adaptable features, including a milk foam wand, are what you need for making latte art. Every user can control every feature of espresso-making art and have fun with it.?’


  • Breville BES870XL has many specifications that make it a powerful machine for its users.
  • For espresso lovers searching for barista-level coffee at home, it’s a perfect choice for them.
  • Some key specifications of Breville BES870XL BARISTA EXPRESS ESPRESSO MACHINE include
Brand Breville
Espresso Machine Type Semi-automatic
Material Stainless Steel
Water Reservoir Capacity 67 oz
Pressure 15 bars
Brew Sizes Single and Double espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity 8 oz.
Milk Frother 360 degrees swivel wand
Dimensions 12.5 x 12.6 x 13.1 inches
Power 1600W
Drip Tray Removable
Weight 23.00 lbs.
Built-in grinder Conical burr grinder


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  • Pressure Gauge
  • Precise Espresso Extraction
  • Wide Range of Grind Setting
  • Dimensions 13.8"D x 12.5"W x 15.9"H
  • Material Stainless Steel


The user will be amazed by its flawless performance and low cost. After many hours of testing and researchwe are at a  point where Breville is the best choice for new and relatively skilled eager alike. Utilization is simple. With a little practice, users can produce continuously rich espresso. The Breville Barista Compact Espresso Machines provide a combined grinder to go from beans to coffee in one minute. In our experience, a milk frothing wand and a built-in grinder are great features.

The Breville Barista Express is the market-preferred model for home espresso machines because of its outstanding performance. The essential part is a robust integrated conical burr grinder, which enables users to and perfectly grind fresh coffee beans. A unique component of the Barista Express BES870, the grinder guarantees that every dose is constantly ground to perfection, maximizing extraction for a rich, fragrant drink. Every shot brewed with the Barista Express proves its remarkable performance, benefiting from its premium portafilter and basket design. The espresso machine’s stainless steel structure guarantees years of trustworthy, excellent brewing for years to come. It also provides a sense of class to the machine’s appearance. To further improve the Barista Express’s efficiency in creating your favorite espresso-based beverages, the user-friendly steam wand also offers the ability to froth milk to a specific texture, either it’s creamy froth as a classic cappuccino or silky microfoam for latte art.


Because of its programmed settings, it can be hard for a starter to get around other espresso makers. But once you succeed, there is no turning point over the richest and smoothest espresso as flat as a pancake.

In our experience, if you are a coffee craver and lover, you will love to try different grind settings to adjust the coffee maker output. With the help of technology and a little practice, you will be putting perfect espresso shots in no time.

The taste and strength of the coffee that the machine produces refer to its  Brew quality. Our team measures it by factors such as the coffee’s flavor, aroma, body, and balance. A high-quality espresso brew will be delicious.  And have a decent ratio of sharpness to richness.

For the best espresso production, its Digital Temperature Control ensures that the water will arrive at the proper temperature. The machine develops alongside you as your abilities and reliance multiply.

Reaching new levels in the home baristas capability, the Breville Barista Express lights up by providing unmatched brew quality. Each brew out of the Barista Express stands a masterwork of flavor and richness thanks to its elegant design and flawless engineering. The machine’s uniquely built portafilter and basket ensure the ideal dispersion of coffee grounds to maximize flavor richness and promote even extraction. The stainless steel dial provides exact control, which users may combine to precisely adjust the grind size, resulting in the best possible extraction for their favorite coffee beans. The integrated burr grinder also certifies a constant grind size, which is necessary to bring out the most in the coffee beans and achieve accurate extraction every time.

Furthermore, the Barista Express’s tamper delivers precisely the accurate amount of pressure for precise extraction, guaranteeing a powerful and well-balanced flavor profile in each shot.


The Breville Barista Express’s unique steam wand is one of its best features; it lets users easily froth milk to the perfect texture for decadent lattes and cappuccinos. Whether you like velvety foam for a creamy cappuccino or smooth microfoam for latte art, the Barista Express’s steam wand produces exceptional results. The Breville espresso machine’s intense steam pressure and the wand’s premium stainless steel design assure rapid and effective frothing, making it simple to accomplish results at home.


The coffee maker has an irresistible stainless steel body, easy to clean, and withstand heavy use. The item weighs 23 pounds. When using the Barista Express, you may ground the beans just before extraction. Its low pressure lets water into the coffee column at a lower pressure than normal. Its grinding setting is 16 precision.

It reviews a display with different dials, which helps the user to adjust the different settings. Its variable filters and option for digital or manual operation ensure results that are café-style.

Its sleek, contemporary style makes it a lovely complement to any kitchen.

Regarding semi-automatic espresso machines, the Breville BES870XL, popularly known as the Barista Express, is the highest level of build quality. BREVILLE also is an improvement over its prior model, the Barista Pro, with a robust structure and parts made of professional-grade materials for life and durability. The Barista Express offers  is an excellent option for individuals looking for the best espresso experience without going over budget because of its elegant design and stainless steel casing, which creates a premium appeal while remaining affordable. With its accurate temperature control and large capacity for coffee, the features of the Breville Barista Express brings a high-end espresso machine experience into the comfort of your home. The espresso maker’s standing as a top choice for picky coffee lovers is maintained by additional well-considered features such as the integrated coffee scoop and the machine’s well-placed buttons on the side of the machine. These elements also improve efficiency.

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This espresso machine is automatic; you can handle some of the features in espresso making. Breville Barista consists of a milk frother with a 360-degree design. We experience manual microfoam milk texturing.

The strong wand performance allows manual milk stretching that adds flavor and permits latte art.

Regarding control and variety, the Breville Barista Express milk frother is remarkable for espresso brewing at home. Users can effortlessly change the froth texture to their favorite level, be it rich froth for a classic cappuccino or silky microfoam for latte art, thanks to the steam wand’s straightforward design and built-in dial. Because of the steam wand’s unique design, users may quickly get barista-quality results with fast and effective steaming. With the help of the Barista Express’s accurate extraction capabilities and semi-automatic operation, users can effortlessly produce drinks fit for a café thanks to its milk frother.

The Barista Express guarantees a creamy and flavorful texture, matching with an outstanding crema, making every sip an experience for your taste buds and the probability that you’re producing a single or double-shot espresso with a silky milk froth.


With other espresso machines, Our experience of cleaning is challenging, but the maintenance of the Barista is simple, easy, and effortless. Its removable parts provide untroubled cleaning and maintenance. Taking care of your favorite espresso machine from brand new is very important. It  Includes cleaning the portafilter, group head, and drip tray after each use. . Additionally, regular cleaning of the burr grinder to maintain its performance. The user can remove the bean hopper, water filter, and tank for in-depth cleaning. The espresso machine requires regular cleaning to ensure its functions. The maker of the espresso machine provides a detailed manual plan on how to properly maintain the machine.

Regular maintenance is necessary for the semi-automatic , Breville Barista Express, regardless of its model, to guarantee its longevity and functionality. To avoid buildup and ensure consistent extraction, start by following a regular cleaning plan and focus on parts such as the portafilter, built-in grinder, and conical burr grinder. Keep the drip tray empty and clean regularly to avoid overspill and damage. Also, keep the water tank and bean hopper clean and debris-free. To obtain the ideal shot, use the built-in pressure gauge for tracking extraction and make adjustments as necessary. The Breville espresso machine will continue to provide excellent coffee for many years with the proper maintenance and care.


  • Easily design settings.
  • Prompt heat up.
  • Built-in grinder for a fresher taste.
  • Premium coffee drinks
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Large water tank.


  • It does not come at a budget-friendly price.
  • For novices, mastering it may be challenging.
  • Only limited for home use.

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Ans. There  Dose Control Grinding in the Barista machine is specific. The coffee machine uses high pressure to force water through coffee in no time. It creates less than a minute of a great-tasting espresso.

There, the dose control grinding in the Barista machine is specific. The  machine allows  high pressure to force water through the coffee quickly. It creates less than a minute of a great-tasting espresso. Brewing espresso, a strong coffee beverage, is the specialty of barista express. It applies high pressure and hot water to finely ground coffee beans. Its key features are a portafilter to retain the coffee grounds and a pump mechanism. It can usually steam milk to brew drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.


Ans. The four major parts of an espresso machine are as follows

  • Optimal water pressure
  • Grinding for dose control
  • Adjust the grind size
  • Accurate Espresso Extraction


The ideal water pressure for extraction is approximately 9 bars. Hot water gets pushed through them to fully extract flavors, oils, and perfumes from the coffee grinds in the portafilter. Consistent pressure is essential for an espresso shot to be tasty and well-balanced.


Dose control, or regulating the amount of coffee used in each shot, helps to maintain uniformity and accommodate personal tastes. Espresso tastes best when made with freshly ground coffee, and the strength and flavor profile of the shot varies depending on the grind amount.


The grind size has a considerable impact on extraction. Although they enhance surface area and encourage thorough extraction, finer grinds can result in bitterness.


Ans. We think steam is important because most drinks we make will be made from coffee and steamed milk. If a machine does not give enough steam power will not produce perfectly steamed and smoothest milk. To make milk-based specialty great coffee drinks, espresso makers must have steam functions. It’s necessary to make silky microfoam from milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. It’s very creamy and brings richness and variety to the drink’s taste.


Ans. It will help if you clean the machine after each use by cleaning the portafilter, group head, and drip tray.


Ans. You may use whatever kind of coffee beans you choose, but for the most effective outcome, it’s advised to use premium, recently roasted beans.


ANS. Yes, if users want to make delicious espresso drinks at home, the Barista Express can be a good purchase. Its inbuilt grinder facilitates the procedure while guaranteeing ease and freshness. Users have control over their brews thanks to the accurate espresso extraction and adjustable settings, which encourage experimentation and improvement in their search for the ideal cup. The machine is appropriate for beginner and expert home baristas since it balances automation and manual control.


Because alternative devices can still provide you with a quality coffee product but an excellent dose of espresso, you have an option. An Espresso Machine is the best choice.

The Barista Express is a professional machine that creates excellent espresso and coffee. Its simple design lets beginners and experts discover the challenging world of coffee brewing. With its exact espresso grinder, adjustable filter basket, and ability to make espresso automatically, the Barista Express meets the needs of every dedicated coffee lover. While it takes hard work to get good at both, the benefits of drinking great espresso and rich drip coffee are unmatched. The Breville Barista Express is one which brings a new level of coffee, letting users improve their skills with every cup.

Breville BES870XL makes the process a pleasure, and the result is perfect every time. Buy Breville BES870XL and enjoy the smoothest, richest, and most cream-textured espresso at home, making your day happy. The absence of espresso is comparable to the absence of anything.



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