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Ninja CP301 vs Ninja CM401 | Detailed Comparison


Deciding between Ninja CP301 and Ninja CM401 might be extremely difficult. In particular, coffee lovers who seek excellence from their brew.

Both Ninja machines share many characteristics and aesthetics. Selecting one over the other may be difficult.

A few changes exist between Ninja CP301 and Ninja Cm401 in the same stage. For a more in-depth analysis, let us look at the contrasts and comparisons between the two coffee machines.


Let’s take a quick look at the main characteristics of the two coffee machines while continuing with a comprehensive review of both.

Ninja CP301 Ninja Cm401
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Model CP301 Cm401
Dimensions 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches
Material Plastic Stainless Steel
Capacity 50 oz. (10-Cup) 50 oz. (10-Cup)
Weight 11.09 lbs 9.24 lbs
Coffee Brew Style Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew & Specialty Classic, Rich, Over Ice & Specialty
Serving Size Options Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe & Full Carafe Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe & Full Carafe
Type of Carafe Glass Carafe Glass Carafe
Removable Water Reservoir
Permanent Filter
Programmable Delay Brew



 width= NINJA CP301
  • Offers Multiple Brew Sizes
  • Separate Tea and Coffee Baskets Included
  • Comes with a Removable Water Reservoir
  • Brewing Technology Gives an Array of Coffee and Tea Options
  • Fold-Away Warm and Cold Frothers Turn Warm or Cold Milk into Silky-smooth Froth in Seconds


Ninja coffee makers are renowned for their contemporary looks and svelte construction. The CP301 is the same.

It has a highly up-to-date design and a glass carafe with more significant storage. While on first glimpse, it could appear to be just another coffee machine, that isn’t the fact.

The Ninja CP301 is not too big or too little. Users will not have any issues with storing this coffee maker.Additionally, the built-in spoon does more than conserve storage. Nonetheless, it makes it simple for you to estimate your coffee precisely.

Its dimensions might go as high as 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches. Among its glass carafe, you may simultaneously brew around ten coffee mugs.


Everyone can operate the Ninja CP301 coffee maker thanks to its simple features. Setting a timer is simple to make the ideal cup of coffee consistently.

Also, it has a cutting-edge timer and delays brewing functions. These features let you schedule coffee maker brewing.

This multipurpose coffee maker also makes fantastic tea or coffee. You may make and enjoy beverages such as coffee and tea with the two permanent filters included.

The portable water reservoir also makes it very simple to fill. Quickly push it out, add water to the reservoir, and then slide it back in.

You will also appreciate the built-in frothing arm, which adds a further unique aspect. Once you’ve finished foaming your coffee, you can conveniently store it.


After deciding whether to make coffee or tea, choosing the brewing size is the next stage. The six available cup sizes are simple to choose from.

Likewise, your brewing style can be customized using the many tea and coffee selections. Besides coffee and tea, around five more brew-style options alternatives are available.

Simple options include the traditional brew, the rich brew, the speciality brew, and the brew over ice.


  • Multi-serve cup platform
  • Permanent filters
  • Innovative brewing choices
  • Its maintenance is easy


  • Its water reservoir is a little narrow
  • Its glass carafe is not dishwasher-friendly

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 width= NINJA CM401
  • 4 Brew Styles
  • 6 Brewing Sizes
  • Permanent Filter
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Built-In Fold-Away Frother
  • Removable Water Reservoir


The Ninja CM401 has a conventional design and is composed of stainless steel. It has a brewing unit between the water reservoir and the supporting column.

A built-in storage compartment for weighing scoops and a detachable frothing arm are on its left. The simple control interface for selecting brew size and strength is on the right side of the coffee machine.

Also, thanks to the transparent water tank, you can check the water quantity anytime. The stainless steel coffee maker feels high-quality.


The control unit is quite simple to use and understand. Its controls are accessible to everybody.

Use the dial to change your brew size from the size of one coffee cup to a whole coffee cup. Users can also choose their preferred brew type from the four available options.

With the brew wait time option, your coffee will be available at a specific time each day. The machine includes a hot plate to retain your coffee until you pour it.

There is a  fascinating clean button at the bottom. The feature enables the conducting of a cleaning cycle on your coffee machine.


The finest thing the coffee maker does is choose any one of the six brew sizes. To make hot and cold coffee drinks, the coffee maker has four different brew-style options with features.

As this coffee maker features a Permanent Filter, it eliminates the need for a paper filter, making it user-friendly. The foldaway frother creates frothed milk, making enough foam for your rich lattes and espresso. This coffee maker is the best choice, whether it is for making espressos, iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiato.


  • Reasonable price
  • Shiny and smooth construction
  • Programmable delay-brew


  • Tea making is unavailable.
  • Noisy operations

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After reviewing my article, I hope you don’t have any problem choosing between Ninja CP301 and Ninja CM401. The Ninja CP301 is slightly more expensive than the Ninja CM401.

Both have five different brew styles with the same capacity glass carafe. Ninja CP301’s tea-brewing function makes it distinct and noticeable.

For making five different kinds of tea, it comes with different settings. Both Ninja coffee makers have a delay brewing feature and a timer.

Moreover, in its size, the Ninja CP301 is, to some extent, more considerable than the Ninja CM401. The Ninja CP301 is a faultless investment for tea and coffee lovers.

If you are a traditional coffee lover, then the tea-brewing purpose of Ninja CP301 will be useless. Instead, the Ninja CM401 coffee maker will be more suitable for you.


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